Tasting notes: Floral, creamy, and medium bodied with red fruits, berries, and panela sugar.

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    Bahareque Tatamá is a coffee produced by small coffee farmers in the northwest of Valle del Cauca. Land with particular richly characteristics: water basins, soils composed of volcanic ashes, excellent temperatures, bordered by the cloud forest where there are ecosystems with ample biodiversity. The coffee plantation is part of the culture of this territory, these families have more than a century devoted to this inherited tradition and their production helps to preserve the natural environment of the region.

    Bahareque Tatamá is a coffee with a creamy body, with floral notes, red fruits and panela, which gives it a fruity fragrance, and bright acidity that will delight anyone who tastes this specialty coffee of the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape, a World Heritage site, awarded by UNESCO.

    FarmCoop Norte del Valle
    VarietyCaturra, Castillo, Colombia
    Altitude1700–1900 masl
    Proc. MethodWashed

    Tasting notes: Floral, creamy, and medium bodied with red fruits, berries, and panela sugar.

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