Tasting notes: Balanced, clean, sweet, & bright with strawberry, cherry, grape hard candy, & lime.

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    Gelana Abaya coffees are produced in the Gelana and Abaya woredas (districts,) located just northwest of the town of Yirgacheffe. Gelana and Abaya are neighboring woredas, Gelana to the south and Abaya to the north, stretched along the eastern slopes of the range of hills that separate Yirgacheffe from Lake Abaya. Both Gelana and Abaya are located in the Borena Zone of Ethiopia’s massive Oromia Region. Although Yirgacheffe town is less than 10 miles from most washing stations in Gelana Abaya, the border between the Oromia Region and Southern Nation Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR) runs right between them. Technically, since Yirgacheffe is located in the Gedeo Zone of the SNNPR, there are some geographical distinctions between Gelana Abaya coffees and Yirgacheffe coffees. While it could be the power of suggestion, many find that Gelana Abaya coffees do have a unique character from Yirgacheffe coffees.

    This Grade 1, wet processed coffee is from the Dumerso Washing Station in the Gelana Abaya area, which is located in central southern Ethiopia's Gediyo Zone and borders the Kochere Woreda (woredas are third-level administrative divisions, collected into zones) and Guji Zone. About 800 small farmers contribute to this washing station.

    RegionSNNPR > Gediyo > Yirgacheffe > Abaya > Dumerso
    Farm800 small farm contibutors


    1850 - 2100 masl

    Tasting notes: Balanced, clean, sweet, & bright with strawberry, cherry, grape hard candy, & lime.

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