Tasting notes: Balanced and heavy bodied with dark chocolate, caramel, red apple, and green grape.

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    Three farms participated in this lot: Finca Joya Grande, Finca Vasquez, and Finca la Maravilla. 

    Finca Joya Grande, established in 1976, works under a strict shadegrown policy, and its forest conservation areas provide shelter to many native species. Here, all water springs inside the farm are protected with vegetation to preserve the area and avoid contamination, and coffee pulp from the wet-mill process is used as organic fertilizer. The owner donates potable water from the farm’s main spring to 25 families in the neighboring village.

    Finca Vasquez was established in 1980 when Don Jose Vasquez moved from Colotenango to the coffee lands La Libertad, Huehuetenango. He moved to this region, looking for better opportunities and placed a bet on his beautiful farm. The current owners of the farm are Genaro and Juan Vasquez (son and grandson of Don Jose). Both of them are quality oriented, keeping the same practices and varietals as Don Jose once did.

    On Finca la Maravilla, all weed control is done by hand, without herbicides, to minimize environmental impact. Fertilizers are applied only twice a year to the soil and leaves, and the farm also uses organic fertilizers such as chicken manure and decomposed coffee pulp. The farm’s water comes from a natural spring on the property, and it is disposed of through special sediment tanks after use. The farm has participated many times in the Cup of Excellence, where its coffee has ranked in the top 10. 

    PROCESSING: Producers take careful steps to pick only ripe and uniform cherries, in conjunction with good wet-milling practices. Most of the coffee is sun dried, which contributes to an even, green-bluish bean color. Coffee is selectively handpicked, de-pulped, naturally fermented, washed and sun dried on concrete patios. After the coffee is dried to a moisture level between 10.5 and 11.5 percent, it is stored. Before export, the coffee is milled, screened, classified by weight/ density, sorted by color and then packed in GrainPro bags. 

    GEOGRAPHY: In the northwest of Guatemala, Huehuetenango is one of the country’s non-volcanic coffee-producing areas. Coffee is grown at altitudes of nearly 2,000 meters ASL, with a variety of microclimates also helping to develop the region’s trademark fruit notes and juicy body. The temperate-to-cold climate, well distributed rains and good soil conditions also contribute to ideal growing conditions.



    FarmFincas Joya Grande, Vasquez, and la Maravilla
    VarietyCaturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Typica, Pacamara
    Altitude1500-2000 masl
    Proc. Method


    Tasting notes: Balanced and heavy bodied with dark chocolate, caramel, red apple, and green grape.

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