Tasting notes: Sweet, clean, tart and fruity with cocoa, cranberry, and praline.

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    Gorilla Summit Coffee is a project started in 2012 by Gerald K. Mbabazi. The singular goal is to help coffee farmers earn more income.

    The program kicked-off in Kanugu, a west Ugandan village.

    Traditionally the coffee farmers there were only able to produce lower quality coffee which resulted being paid ridiculously low prices—sometimes less than $0.05 per pound.

    Through the skill building offered by Mr. Mbabzi’s Gorilla Summit Coffee program, farmers improved their growing and harvesting techniques.

    They also constructed their own coffee cherry processing station and implemented more modern equipment. These steps help Ugandan farmers produce higher-quality coffee.

    In fact, they have achieved cupping scores well into the specialty coffee range (85 points or higher), adding internationally recognized credibility.

    Better quality has led to premium prices being paid. This has resulted in the doubling of incomes for these otherwise vulnerable families. The quality of life of more than 1,800 coffee farmers and their families is improved with every crop, every bag, and every cup of coffee we enjoy.

    Community Benefits Thanks to Ugandan Gorilla Summit Coffee

    Clean Water

    We take clean water for granted in the United States. But in many developing areas of the world, clean well is difficult to access. The premium prices earned by Ugandan Gorilla Summit coffee farmers help the community build new clean water wells. This improves the quality of life for everyone.


    Leaving the world a better place for our children is a goal each generation pursues. Education is one path by which people can improve the economic opportunities available to them. The Ugandan Gorilla Summit Coffee program has resulted in training programs for farmers. In addition, there are new opportunities for children by building schools, even one accredited university.

    Economic Diversification

    Increased revenues from selling high quality coffee allows Uganda farmers to reinvest in other farming strategies such as raising livestock such as chickens. Small scale egg production is another benefit.

    Health Care

    Imagine not having access to a medical professional during a complicated pregnancy. The Ugandan Gorilla Summit program generates monies that are used to build maternity clinics in remote areas. These are so essential as mothers have no access to hospital care and many of the babies die due to inadequate birthing facilities and professional care.

    Give-a-Goat Campaign

    Selected farmers from the program were granted goats. Then when each new baby goat is born, it’s paid forward to a neighboring farmer at no cost. As a result, an ecosystem of small-scale goat farming has been set-up. This opens new income streams for the smallholder farmers.

    Solar Energy

    Electricity is yet another thing we take for granted in the United States but is less common in developing regions of the world. Thanks to the Ugandan Gorilla Summit Coffee program, the participating growers have the opportunity to purchase solar lamps for their homes. Children can do their school work at night using safe light rather than kerosene which is dangerous to breathe.

    Mosquito Nets

    The most effective means of preventing malaria is sleeping under a mosquito net. Malaria is transmitted by certain mosquitoes when they bite. The extra revenues generated by Ugandan Gorilla Summit Coffee farmers are used to purchase mosquito nets to protect coffee growers families.

    These coffees are grown in an area near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and forest, a protected primeval forest that reaches elevations up to 2,600 meters.



    RegionBwindi, Kanugu District
    FarmVarious smallholder farmers



    1600 - 2200 masl

    Tasting notes: Sweet, clean, tart and fruity with cocoa, cranberry, and praline.

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